I will list some of my favourite videos here to show off what I have edited over the years.

08-’15 SurvivalThroughTime intro

This is a very old video, probably the first video that I put a lot of effort in. This was back in 2015, when I was 14 years old. I used a program called Camtasia studio and had barely, if any, knowledge of editing. I had prepared a decor in Minecraft and a little script, or choreography if you will. The editing is by today’s standards not much, but back then it was a huge achievement for me. It shows how far I have come since then. Especially considering the fact that this was originally made in 1350×720. To make it more suitable for uploading to YouTube again, I immediately upscaled it to 4K using both Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

The thumbnail is from a frame in the video.

07-’17 Mad Moments from Twitch

Almost two years later, I was still uploading on the channel without it ever really paying off. I did some streaming on the side, where I played various games. I did some streams in TES V: Skyrim, which I later edited down into a funny moments video. I consider this video a classic.

The thumbnail is from a frame in the video.

09-’18 w/ TheCyberFlash

When I returned a year later to focus entirely on Twitch, this stream was from a fond one to me, which I edited down into a fun little video for on YouTube. The stream, which I did together with TheCyberFlash, was spent playing Plague Inc. Evolved at first, but we switched over to afterwards. This is where things got crazy, as is clearly visible in this video.

The thumbnail is auto generated by YouTube.

10-’20 Among Us Fun Times

This was the first video I edited when I started working for TheCyberFlash. He played some Among Us with a load of friends (including me) and random people who joined the game. Already while playing with him, I had a lot of good ideas of what I could do with the video. There turned out to be some edits that I consider among my greatest. A good start!

The thumbnail was made by TheCyberFlash.

11-’20 How to Unlock John Wick

It turned out to be a lookalike, but that is besides the point right now. This was one of the biggest editing project I had done up until that point. I created an intro from Cyber’s recorded footage, some pictures, some effects, and of course some banging tunes and it made for a great video!

The thumbnail was made by me in VEGAS Pro 14.0.

11-’20 The worst duo in ranked known to man

In November ’20 I started editing for another content creator: IIFOURI. She contacted me about editing a VOD down into an enjoyable video. This was a great experience and made for an interesting editing process. This video took me the longest to make and was a lot of more work as I wasn’t familiar with League of Legends and there were loads of intricate edits in it. The editing timeline that is visible at the top of my webpage is in fact from this video, see if you can distinguish the edits when comparing to this video!

The thumbnail was made by IIFOURI’s editor jacko.